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Devoted toward an online environment for the schools and college management system and preventing trees by preventing paper.

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Who are we ??

Its a project started by a small group of developers as a hobby to build a secure environment for all the schools and colleges for their day to day task management at the same time providing best resources to students from online tools, notes to information on different stuff like coding and much more.

Our goal is to promote open-source software at the same time earning a livelihood to sustain that model.

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Stuffed with a lot of features including

Built to ensure the best user experience and safety .

  • Completely cloud hosted

    Complete cloud-hosted architecture means no worry about speed or Downtime.

  • Built on robust technology

    Built on a robust environment means no need to worry about bugs or data leak.

  • Built for the Responsive Web

    Owns a Responsive design built to ensure streamless experience on each device with prioritizing screen size


Frequently Asked Questions

Okay so you guys ask us a lot of questions, so we have made a list of some commonly asked questions

Interesting someone has a querry !!

Feel free to check our list of Faq or for more queries on topics outside of Faq feel free to contact from community supported forum, and you will soon get a resolution form us or someone from the community.

Even if you have any business-related query Feel asking our team by mail and we will try their best to contact you as soon as possible and provide you with the best resolution possible.

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Are you Market ready.

Sadly not yet. But we have a planned launch before 2022 as a proper company and funding till then we are on our providing you other great stuff of knowledge through initiatives like coders and tools.

Do you support Open-source

Yes, we highly support and even embrace opensource so much so that we try our best to integrate opensource products in our platform and promote those technologies by building our own like Jarvis and vison.

How Can I Contact you

You can contact us through forum or for bussness querry by mailing us at or don't fill up the contact form below as we are still working on it and is not working for a now.