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Turbo c++ is a highly optimized version of the DOS-based C++ Compiler popularly also known as Borland C++. It provides a great development environment, So You enjoy the best part of coding without worrying about other stuff. Turbo CPP is one of the best IDE in the market for C programming, which was initially developed by Borland, a hobbyist counterpart for Borland C+, and later Known as Turbo C++, which Built as a scaled version of its Compiler. Turbo C++ is Designed to provide an integrated development kit that has Some of the Best incredible features to run in various platforms Or the latest versions of Windows.

So first, let’s Move toward How to Download Turbo c++, and then we will discuss the various features of turbo c++.

How To Install Turbo C++

Step 1 Download Turbo c++ from Here.
Step 2If there is any previously installed version of the “Turbo C++” install in Device, then, first of all, uninstall it.
Step 3Extract the downloaded File Named “Turbo.C.3.2.zip”.
Step 4Run “setup.exe.”
Step 5Now Simply follow the installer instructions.
Step 6If any error occurs while installation, you check the solutions of some common Turbo C++ issues here.


How To Start Turbo C++

Step 1Start with a Double click on the “Turbo C++” shortcut link present on the desktop.
Turbo c++ meue
Step 2If you want to run turbo c++ in full-screen mode, simply click on the “Start Turbo C++” button. 
Step 3” OR” If you don’t want to use full-screen mode then uncheck the option “Full-screen mode” and click on the button “Start Turbo C++.”
Full-Screen Mode – Turbo cpp Full screen
Window Mode –turbo cpp window mode

System Requirement

Operating SystemPre-Requirement
Windows 10 and 8No Pre-Requirement
Windows 7, XP and Vista .NET 4.5 Framework

Debugging !!

Q. Keyboard Is Not Working Only For The Downloaded Version Of Turbo C++?

If the keyboard is not working correctly inside the application(Turbo C+), then try to solve it by disabling anti-keylogging features in your antivirus. This version of Turbo C++ Does not contain any type of keylogger, but Sometimes Some Antivirus tends to block Keyboard in DOS-based applications.

Q. After Sometime, Mouse Pointer Is Getting Stuck!

Okay!  This rarely happens because of DOS-BOX. DOSBOX which is a popular emulating tool which tends to run on  16-bit applications on 32/64-bit OS and is specially designed for gaming purpose that only for keyboard interactions.

Okay, Have more Queries Feel Free to Ask them in the comment section.

Features Of Turbo C++

Turbo C++ is the Compiler for writing programs in the C/C++ language. As an IDE, it includes a code editor, a compiler, a linker, and offline help for reference.

  • An Inline assembly with access to the C/C++ language symbolic structure and names.
  • It supports all types of memory models.
  • Provides Speed and size optimization.
  • Constant folding.
  • It provides incredible access to all modern PCs and laptops. Due to its easy accessibility, one can efficiently operate it.
  • You can create, modify, and test DOS-based applications with immense ease.
  • Turbo C++ has excellent stability, which was introduced in a new DOS box.
  • It has a full IDE package which comprises of Compiler and debugger and many more.

So Basically, With the Latest Updates and enhancements, the latest version of turbo c++. We have got a lot of reasons for you to download turbo c++ for windows and use it in your day to day usage.


So Moving towards the Conclusion, this software is in high demand and is highly used in schools and colleges by students to use this for Learning C++ and C programming.  Here, in the Compiler, we can easily code and test our C programs. Also, it is one of the applications that have a minimal size of just under 2.56 MB, and its latest version till now is last released in January 2018.

The Compiler supports C and C++ with Both 32- bit and 64- the bit building code with excellent compatibility and support.

Hence, in conclusion, we can conclude that it is the perfect software that accomplishes all the needs that you can enjoy. This Compiler helps you code while programming without any complicated executions.

At End, I hope you get a clear picture Of Turbo c++, and you are aware of its latest features. So, if you are Satisfied with the Conclusion and want to go to learn or code in C or C++, you can download turbo C++ software without any further thought. It will always satisfy you, which all you need.


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