Turbo C++ Shortcut Keys

Here is a list of some of the standard shortcut keys for turbo c++ that can be useful while working on  C++ program.

I am 100% sure that with the help of these shortcuts you can increase your productivity and working speed in Turbo CPP compiler.

1 F1 For Help
2. F2 Save
3. F3 Open
4. F4 Go to cursor
5. F5 Zoom
6. F6 Next
7. F7 Trace into
8. F8 Step over
9. F9 Make
10. F10 Menu
11. Alt+X Quit
12. Alt+Backspace Undo
13. Shift+Alt+Backspace Redo
14. Shift+Delete Cut
15. Ctrl+Insert Copy
16. Shift+Insert Paste
17. Ctrl+Delete Clear
18. Ctrl+L Search again
19. Alt+F7 Previous error
20. Alt+F8 Next error
21. Ctrl+F9 ‘or’ Alt+R+Enter Run
22. Ctrl+F2 Program reset
23. Alt+F9 Compile
24. Alt+F4 Inspect
25. Ctrl+F4 Evaluate/Modify
26. Ctrl+F3 Call stack
27. Ctrl+F8 Toggle breakpoint
28. Ctrl+F5 Size/Move
29. Alt+F3 Close
30. Alt+F5 User screen
31. Alt+0 List all
32. Shift+F1 Index
33. Ctrl+F1 Topic search
34. Alt+F1 Previous topic
35. Ctrl+F7 Add watch
36. Alt+Enter Toggle screen mode(Full Screen / Window)*

Don’t forget to share this post or tell us if we forgot to add a shortcut key in the list.

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