how to update custom package in unity 1

how to update custom package in unity

The Package Manager will lock the Git package to a specific revision in your project.
This is to render the resolution of your project dependencies deterministic.
It is a mechanism to protect users against out of scope changes that could break your project.
To update the project to a different revision, you have two choices.

1) Re-add the Git package URL in your project through the Package Manager UI
2) Open the project manifest (Packages/manifest.json) in a text editor, erase the entry for your package in the lock section.

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Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. It’s creating a new git repository in the current directory.
2. It’s adding the remote origin to the repository.
3. It’s adding the files to the repository.
4. It’s committing the files to the repository.
5. It’s pushing the files to the remote repository.

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