Difference between C and C++

What is C programming?

C is a middle-level language, which was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 which combines the functionalities of a low and a high-level programming language. Therefore it’s considered a middle-level programming language.

It allows you to develop a framework as well as portable apps. The C programming language was made with an objective of writing system tools. It’s a perfect language for making framework systems.

What is C++ programming?

C ++ is a language that contains the function of both C as well as Simula67 ( a first object Oriented programming language). C ++ was the first to introduce the concept of objects and class.

It encapsulates low and high-level language functions. So, it’s seen as an intermediate level. Earlier it was named C with Classes as it has whole the properties of the C programming.

What are the differences between C and C++ programming?

The key difference among both programming languages is C programming is a procedural language and doesn’t support objects and classes, while C++ is a mixture of both object-oriented and procedural languages.

  • Languages – C supports procedural programming for the development of code whereas C++ supports both procedural and object oriented programming therefore it is also called hybrid programming language.

  • Structure – C programming is a feature-driven language. For instance, it uses features like printft and Scanf for input/output. on the other hand, C++ is an object driven programming language that utilizes objects such as cout and Cin for input/output.

  • Objects oriented support – C programming doesn’t support OOP, so it has to no support for inheritance, encapsulation as well as polymorphism. On the other side, C++ is object-oriented language and supports these features.

  • Memory – C uses malloc() and calloc() for dynamic memory distribution, and free() for memory de-allocation. whereas C++ uses new operator for allocation and the delete operator for de-allocation.

So let’s Summarize our comparison of c vs c++ in a tabular format.

Key C C++
Introduction C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979.
Language It is a Procedural Oriented language. It is an Object-Oriented Programming language.
File extension The extension for a c program is is .c The extension for a c++ program is .cpp
encapsulation Does not support encapsulation. As Data and functions are separate and free entities. Supports encapsulation. Data and functions are encapsulated together as an object.
Approach C has a Top Down programming approach. C++ has Bottom Up programming approach.
Driven type C in general known as function-driven language. On the other hand, C++ is known as object driven language.


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