java oop 1

java oop

public class YourClass {
  String example;
  int test;
  // Constructor
  public YourClass(String example, int test) {
    this.example = example;
    this.test = test;
  // Method
  public void someMethod() {

// Usage:
// Construct
YourClass exampleObject = new YourClass("Hello World!", 5);
// Execute Method:

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We create a class called YourClass.
2. We create a constructor that takes two parameters: example and test.
3. We create a method called someMethod that prints out the value of example.
4. We create an object called exampleObject that uses the constructor to set the values of example and test.
5. We call the method someMethod on the object exampleObject.

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