angular architecture patterns 1

angular architecture patterns

Angular architecture is defined in main three layers is Core layer, Abstraction layer, and Presentation layer. This is also called High-Level Architecture. ... Presentation layer also responsible for Unidirectional data flow. Unidirectional data flow — In angular, we have a concept of the hierarchical tree structure

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We are importing the Component decorator from the @angular/core package.
2. We are using the Component decorator to define the metadata of the component.
3. We are using the selector property to define the CSS selector that identifies this component in a template.
4. We are using the template property to define the HTML template for the component.
5. We are using the templateUrl property to define the HTML template file for the component.
6. We are using the styleUrls property to define the CSS files for the component.

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