django jquery 1

django jquery

$ pip install django-jquery

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We import the JsonResponse class from the django.http module.
2. We import the get_object_or_404 function from the django.shortcuts module.
3. We import the Category model from the rango app.
4. We define a view called get_category_list, which takes in a request and returns a JsonResponse object.
5. We use the get_object_or_404 function to retrieve all the Category objects.
6. We create a list of categories to hold the category names.
7. We loop through each category returned by get_object_or_404 and add the category name to the list.
8. We create a dictionary from the list of categories.
9. We return a JsonResponse object, which will serialize the dictionary into JSON.

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