file import angular 1

file import angular

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We have a file input element with an id of file and a change event handler.
2. When the user selects a file, we call the handleFileInput() method and pass in the files property of the event.
3. In the handleFileInput() method, we set the fileToUpload property to the first file in the list of files.
4. We then call the uploadFileToActivity() method and pass in the fileToUpload property.
5. In the uploadFileToActivity() method, we create a new FormData() object and append the file to the form data object.
6. We then call the makeFileRequest() method and pass in the URL of the API, form data object, and the name of the file parameter in the API.
7. In the makeFileRequest() method, we use the Angular httpClient to post the form data to the API.
8. We subscribe to the call and get the response from the API.
9. If the call was successful, we display a success message.
10. If the call failed, we display an error message.

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