hoverintent.min.js wordpress error 1

hoverintent.min.js wordpress error

// Solution to confliction of jquery with seo plugin - Backend Side

function webslaw_hoverintent_reload() {
    wp_register_script('hoverIntent', ( 'https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery.hoverintent/1.10.1/jquery.hoverIntent.min.js'), array('jquery'), 'r6.1');
add_action('admin_init', 'webslaw_hoverintent_reload');

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. It’s deregistering the hoverIntent script that is registered by the SEO plugin.
2. It’s registering the hoverIntent script from the CDN.
3. It’s adding the action to the admin_init hook.

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