password validation in angular 1

password validation in angular

This question could be solved with a combination of these two answers: and

So first of all, you would need a custom validator for checking the passwords, that could look like this:

checkPasswords(group: FormGroup) { // here we have the 'passwords' group
  const password = group.get('password').value;
  const confirmPassword = group.get('confirmPassword').value;

  return password === confirmPassword ? null : { notSame: true }     

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We get the password and confirmPassword values from the FormGroup
2. We check if they are the same
3. If they are the same, we return null, which means the validation passes
4. If they are not the same, we return an object with a key of ‘notSame’ and a value of true.

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