REACt helmet og tags DONT WORK 1

REACt helmet og tags DONT WORK

This is related to a known prerendering issue.

My fix was to remove the  declaration from the index.html file as a temporary workaround until the above issue is resolved.

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. The first line is importing the Flask class from the flask module.
2. The second line creates an instance of the Flask class. The first argument is the name of the application’s module or package. If you are using a single module (as in this example), you should use __name__ because depending on if it’s started as application or imported as module the name will be different (‘__main__’ versus the actual import name). This is needed so that Flask knows where to look for templates, static files, and so on. For more information have a look at the Flask documentation.
3. The route() decorator in Flask is used to bind URL to a function. For example, in the above code snippet, the URL / is bound to the home() function.
4. The function home() returns the string ‘Hello World!’ as a response.
5. The run() method of Flask class runs the application on the local development server.

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