8 ball responses list python

responses = ["As I see it, yes.", "Ask again later.", "Better not tell you now.", "Cannot predict now.", "Concentrate and ask again.",
             "Don’t count on it.", "It is certain.", "It is decidedly so.", "Most likely.", "My reply is no.", "My sources say no.",
             "Outlook not so good.", "Outlook good.", "Reply hazy, try again.", "Signs point to yes.", "Very doubtful.", "Without a doubt.",
             "Yes.", "Yes – definitely.", "You may rely on it."]

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We’re creating a list of responses.
2. We’re creating a function that takes in a question and returns a random response from the list of responses.
3. We’re creating a while loop that will keep asking the user for a question until they type ‘done’.
4. We’re using the input() function to ask the user for a question.
5. We’re using the random.choice() function to choose a random response from the list of responses.
6. We’re using the print() function to print the response.
7. We’re using the if statement to check if the user has typed ‘done’.
8. If the user has typed ‘done’, we’re using the break statement to break out of the while loop.