calculate mode in python

# Calculating the mode when the list of numbers may have multiple modes
from collections import Counter

def calculate_mode(n):
    c = Counter(n)
    num_freq = c.most_common()
    max_count = num_freq[0][1]
    modes = []
    for num in num_freq:
        if num[1] == max_count:
    return modes

# Finding the Mode

def calculate_mode(n):
    c = Counter(n)
    mode = c.most_common(1)
    return mode[0][0]

#src : Doing Math With Python.

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We import the Counter class from the collections module.
2. We create a Counter object from the list of numbers.
3. We use the most_common method to get a list of tuples.
4. We get the highest value in the list of tuples.
5. We create a list of the modes.
6. We return the list of modes.