discord.py say something

#Discord.py rewrite
#python 3+
@bot.command(name='say_hi', help='Run this command when your lonely!')
async def sayhi(ctx):
	#This code will say "Hi, @username!"
	#this uses an 'f' befoe a string so I can input the username
	#ctx has many propertys, including .send .author and .content (there are more)
    await ctx.send(f"Hi, {ctx.author.mention}!")

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. @bot.command(name=’say_hi’, help=’Run this command when your lonely!’)
This is a decorator, it tells the bot that this is a command.
The name is the name of the command, and the help is the help message.
2. async def sayhi(ctx):
This is the function that is run when the command is called.
3. await ctx.send(f”Hi, {ctx.author.mention}!”)
This is the code that is run when the command is called.
The await keyword tells the bot to wait until the code is done before continuing.
The ctx.send sends a message to the channel the command was called in.
The f”Hi, {ctx.author.mention}!” is the message that is sent.
The {ctx.author.mention} is replaced with the user’s mention.