find index of sublist in list python

greeting = ['hello','my','name','is','bob','how','are','you','my','name','is']

def find_sub_list(sl,l):
    for ind in (i for i,e in enumerate(l) if e==sl[0]):
        if l[ind:ind+sll]==sl:

    return results

print find_sub_list(['my','name','is'], greeting) 
# [(1, 3), (8, 10)]

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. It’s creating a list of indices where the first element of the sublist is found in the main list.
2. It’s iterating through that list and checking if the sublist is actually a sublist of the main list.
3. It’s appending the indices of the sublist to a results list.
4. It’s returning the results list.