groupby as_index=false 1

groupby as_index=false

When you use as_index=False , you indicate to groupby() that you don't want to set the column ID as the index (duh!). ... Using as_index=True allows you to apply a sum over axis=1 without specifying the names of the columns, then summing the value over axis 0.

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We’re using the Pandas groupby method to group the dataframe by the ‘id’ column.
2. We’re using the Pandas sum method to sum the values in the ‘value’ column.
3. We’re using the Pandas reset_index method to reset the index of the dataframe.
4. We’re using the Pandas rename method to rename the ‘value’ column to ‘sum_value’.

The output of the code is a dataframe with two columns: ‘id’ and ‘sum_value’.

The id column is the ID of the group, and the sum_value column is the sum of the values in the value column for that group.

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