how do you create a countdown using turtle python

#import this
from turtle import *
from time import *
#create the turtle
count = Turtle()

#this is the loop
for count2 in range(3):#replace the 3 with the number you want to count from
    count3 = 3 - count2
    count.write(count3, align="center", font=("arial", 24, "normal"))

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. It’s creating a turtle named count
2. It’s setting the speed of the turtle to 0
3. It’s making the turtle go to 0,260
4. It’s setting the variable count3 to 0
5. It’s making a loop that counts from 3 to the number you want to count from
6. It’s clearing the turtle
7. It’s writing the number that it’s counting from
8. It’s making the turtle sleep for 1 second
9. It’s repeating the loop