how to find and replace all the punctuation in python strings

#import the regex library (pip install it with -> "pip install regex"
import re

test_phrase = 'This is a string! Bust it has punctuation. How can we remove it?'

#We're going to replace the punctution with a whitespace
clean = ' '.join(re.findall('[^!.?]+', test_phrase))
#         						^ Place the punctuation that you want
#								  to remove in the square brackets.
> 'This is a string But it has punctuation How can we remove it'

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We’re using the re.findall() method to find all non-punctuation characters.
2. We’re joining them together with a space character.
3. We’re printing the result.

You can also use the re.sub() method to replace punctuation with whitespace.