how to move file from one location to another with python

import shutil
def mover_of_files(location_from_to_move, location_to_move_file):
    shutil.move(location_from_to_move, location_to_move_file)
mover_of_files("location of your file which you want to move","to the location you want to move to" )

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We are importing the shutil module.
2. We are creating a function called mover_of_files.
3. We are passing two arguments to the function: location_from_to_move and location_to_move_file.
4. We are using the shutil.move function to move the file from one location to another.
5. We are calling the function by passing the location of the file to be moved and the location to move it to.