mouse bottom in pygame

while...: #your loop
    button = pygame.Rect(cordX, cordY, width, height) #your bytton
    pygame.draw.rect(win, (0, 0, 0), button) #show button
     mx, my = pygame.mouse.get_pos() #mouse pos

	 if button.collidepoint((mx, my)): #cheak if mouse on button  
      	if pygame.mouse.get_pressed()[0]: #cheak if mouse is preesed
           # writh here what you want to happend

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. It’s creating a button with the dimensions of width=100, height=50, cordX=100, cordY=100.
2. It’s drawing the button on the screen.
3. It’s getting the mouse position.
4. It’s checking if the mouse is on the button.
5. If the mouse is on the button, it’s checking if the mouse is pressed.
6. If the mouse is pressed, it’s printing “You pressed the button!”
7. It’s updating the display.

You can use this code to create a button that does anything you want.