No module named 'ann_visualizer' 1

No module named ‘ann_visualizer’

!pip3 install ann_visualizer
!pip install graphviz

from ann_visualizer.visualize import ann_viz  
ann_viz(classifier, view=True, title="test", filename="visualized")

#note: above 2 commands are mandatory if you are working on google colab
#after executing the code refresh the file system on colab will find a pdf file there

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. Importing the Keras libraries and packages
2. Initialising the ANN
3. Adding the input layer and the first hidden layer
4. Adding the second hidden layer
5. Adding the output layer
6. Compiling the ANN
7. Fitting the ANN to the Training set
8. Predicting the results of the test set
9. Making the Confusion Matrix
10. Visualising the ANN’s performance on the Training and Validation set

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