pie chart add outline python 1

pie chart add outline python

wedgeprops={"edgecolor":"k",'linewidth': 5, 'linestyle': 'dashed', 'antialiased': True})

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We’re creating a figure object called fig, and an axis object in that figure called ax.
2. We’re plotting our data by calling ax.plot().
3. We’re setting the limits for the x-axis and y-axis by passing in a list to ax.set_xlim() and ax.set_ylim().
4. We’re adding a title and labels to the axes by passing strings to ax.set_title() and ax.set_xlabel() and ax.set_ylabel().
5. We’re adding a grid by calling ax.grid().
6. We’re adding a legend by calling ax.legend().
7. We’re annotating the plot by calling ax.annotate().
8. We’re saving the figure to a file by calling fig.savefig().

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