plt dashed line

plot(x, y, color='green', linestyle='dashed', marker='o',
     markerfacecolor='blue', markersize=12).

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We are creating a figure with a size of 8×6 inches.
2. We are creating a subplot with a grid of 1×1.
3. We are plotting the x and y data.
4. We are giving the plot a title of ‘First Simple Scatter Plot’.
5. We are giving the x-axis a label of ‘X-axis’.
6. We are giving the y-axis a label of ‘Y-axis’.
7. We are giving the plot a green line with a dash style.
8. We are giving the plot blue markers that are circular in shape.
9. We are making the markers 12 points in size.