pyqt message box set detailed text

# Question
# Information
# Warning
# Critical

# Example:

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We create a QMessageBox widget.
2. We set the icon using the setIcon() method.
3. We display the widget using exec_().

The setIcon() method is used to set the icon.
The exec_() method is used to display the widget and return an integer value.

The icon is set using one of the predefined QMessageBox icons.
The icon is displayed on the left side of the message box.

The exec_() method returns an integer value.
The integer value is used to indicate which button was clicked by the user.

The QMessageBox class has a predefined set of integer values that correspond to each button.

The QMessageBox.NoButton value indicates that no button was clicked.
The QMessageBox.Ok value indicates that the Ok button was clicked.
The QMessageBox.Cancel value indicates that the Cancel button was clicked.
The QMessageBox.Yes value indicates that the Yes button was clicked.
The QMessageBox.No value indicates that the No button was clicked.

The integer value returned by the exec_() method is stored in the msg_id variable.