python get keypressed value

import keyboard  # using module keyboard
while True:  # making a loop
    try:  # used try so that if user pressed other than the given key error will not be shown
        if keyboard.is_pressed('q'):  # if key 'q' is pressed 
            print('You Pressed A Key!')
            break  # finishing the loop
        break  # if user pressed a key other than the given key the loop will break

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. It’s creating an infinite loop.
2. It’s checking if the key ‘q’ is pressed.
3. If the key ‘q’ is pressed, it will print a message and break the loop.
4. If the key ‘q’ is not pressed, it will continue the loop.
5. If any other key is pressed, it will break the loop.