python how to add turtle in tkinter

from tkinter import *
from turtle import RawTurtle, TurtleScreen
Will make a tk window and a TurtleScreen with a turtle in it
root = Tk()              # the tk window
can = Canvas(root)       # a canvas what will turn into turtle screen
tsc = TurtleScreen(can)  # the screen inside tk window
tur = RawTurtle(tsc)     # the turtle; what you can do any turtle stuff with

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. It makes a tk window called root
2. It makes a canvas called can
3. It makes a TurtleScreen called tsc
4. It makes a RawTurtle called tur
5. It makes the canvas into a TurtleScreen
6. It makes the TurtleScreen into a RawTurtle