python image resize

from PIL import Image
image ="path/.../image.png")
image = image.resize((500,500),Image.ANTIALIAS)"newimage.png")

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. Importing the Image module from the PIL package.
2. Opening the image using the function.
3. Resizing the image using the Image.resize() function.
4. Saving the image using the function.

The Image.resize() function takes two arguments:
1. The first argument is the new size of the image.
2. The second argument is the resampling filter.

The resampling filter is used to determine how the image should be resized.
There are four resampling filters available:

The NEAREST filter is the fastest and the simplest.
The BILINEAR filter is a little bit slower, but it produces better results.
The BICUBIC filter is even slower, but it produces the best results.
The LANCZOS filter is the slowest, but it produces the best results.

In this case, we’re using the ANTIALIAS filter, which is a combination of the BILINEAR and BICUBIC filters.

The function takes one argument:
1. The file path where the image should be saved.

In this case, we’re saving the image to a file called “newimage.png”.