python sorting array without inbuilt sort

data_list = [-5, -23, 5, 0, 23, -6, 23, 67]
new_list = []

while data_list:
    minimum = data_list[0]  # arbitrary number in list 
    for x in data_list: 
        if x < minimum:
            minimum = x

print new_list

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. It creates an empty list called new_list.
2. It sets the minimum variable to the first item in the data_list.
3. It loops through the data_list and compares each item to the minimum.
4. If the item is less than the minimum, it sets the minimum to that item.
5. It appends the minimum to the new_list.
6. It removes the minimum from the data_list.
7. It repeats steps 2-6 until the data_list is empty.