python update multiple dictionary values

# Basic syntax:
your_dictionary.update({'keys':23, 'to':42, 'update':17})

# Example usage:
your_dictionary = {'keys':0, 'to':0}
your_dictionary.update({'keys':23, 'to':42, 'update':17})
--> {'keys': 23, 'to': 42, 'update': 17}
# Note, along with updating existing key values, the .update() method
#	adds keys to the dictionary if they aren't present

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. Create a dictionary with two keys, ‘keys’ and ‘to’.
2. Create a second dictionary with three keys, ‘keys’, ‘to’, and ‘update’.
3. Use the .update() method to update the values of the first dictionary
with the values of the second dictionary.
4. Print the first dictionary to see the results.