table pandas to postgresql 1

table pandas to postgresql

from sqlalchemy import create_engine
engine = create_engine('postgresql://postgres:admin1@localhost:5432/postgres')
                                       username^:pass^              databasename^

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We import the create_engine class from sqlalchemy.
2. We create an instance of the create_engine class and assign it to a variable called engine.
3. We pass a string to the create_engine class. This string contains the necessary information for SQLAlchemy to connect to our database.

The string we pass to the create_engine class is called the database URL.

The database URL is made up of several parts:
1. The dialect and driver: postgresql+psycopg2://
2. The username and password: postgres:admin1
3. The host and port: @localhost:5432
4. The database name: /postgres

The dialect and driver: postgresql+psycopg2://
The dialect refers to the type of database we’re using (in our case, PostgreSQL). The driver refers to the library we use to connect to that type of database.

The username and password: postgres:admin1
The username and password are the credentials we use to log in to the database.

The host and port: @localhost:5432
The host is the address of the computer where the database lives. localhost means that the database is running on the same computer as our Python script.

The port is the port that PostgreSQL is listening to for connections. The default port for PostgreSQL is 5432.

The database name: /postgres
The database name is the name of the database we want to connect to.

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