test with python 1

test with python

"""Testing the methods"""

import unittest
from unittest import TestCase
from palindrome import is_palindrome
from prime_number import is_prime

class TestingFunctions(TestCase):
    """Tests to know if the methods works well"""
    def test_is_palindrome(self):
        """Testing is_palindrome method"""
        self.assertEqual(is_palindrome('Ligar es ser agil'), True)
        self.assertEqual(is_palindrome('Arepera'), True)
        self.assertEqual(is_palindrome('Esto no es un palindromo'), False)
        self.assertEqual(is_palindrome('ESto tampoco es un palindromo'), False)
        self.assertEqual(is_palindrome('Ana'), True)

    def test_is_prime(self):
        """Testing is_prime method"""
        self.assertEqual(is_prime(100), False)
        self.assertEqual(is_prime(200), False)
        self.assertEqual(is_prime(53), True)
        self.assertEqual(is_prime(23), True)
        self.assertEqual(is_prime(45), False)
        self.assertEqual(is_prime(32), False)
        self.assertEqual(is_prime(142), False)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We import the unittest module.
2. We create a class that inherits from TestCase.
3. We create a method that starts with test_ and takes no arguments.
4. We use the assertEqual method to check if the result of the method is equal to the expected value.
5. We run the test using the unittest.main() method.

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