text to speech python

from gtts import gTTS
from playsound import  playsound

mytext="Hello Geek! How are you doing??"

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We imported the gTTS module for text-to-speech conversion.
2. We imported the os module to start the audio file.
3. We imported the playsound module to play the converted audio file.
4. We created a text string, mytext, and assigned it a value of “Hello Geek! How are you doing??”.
5. We created a language variable and assigned it a value of ‘en’ for English.
6. We created an object, myobj, of the gTTS class.
7. We passed the text variable to the text parameter, the language variable to the lang parameter, and the slow parameter as False.
8. We saved the converted audio file as welcome1.mp3.
9. We played the converted audio file using the playsound module.