window size cv2

import cv2
cv2.namedWindow("output", cv2.WINDOW_AUTOSIZE)        # Create window with freedom of dimensions
im = cv2.imread("earth.jpg")                        # Read image
imS = cv2.resize(im, (960, 540))                    # Resize image
cv2.imshow("output", imS)                            # Show image
cv2.waitKey(0)                                      # Display the image infinitely until any keypress

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We create a window named output with the cv2.WINDOW_AUTOSIZE flag. This is so that the window can adjust to the size of the image.
2. We read the image into a variable named im.
3. We resize the image to 960×540 pixels and store it in a variable named imS.
4. We display the image in the output window.
5. We wait for a keypress and then close the window.