All About ubersuggest

What is uberSuggest?

It is evident from the data that Google is the most used search engine in the world. With search share of as high as 70%, the search behemoth seems to dominate the search business. As such, keyword research does play a vital role in every marketers’ day to day activities. Though we have a lot of SEO tools available on the internet, there are only a few of them which are really helpful. Ubersuggest SEO tool is one of these tools which is used to perform keyword research. As the name says, it provides much more than just suggestion on keywords.

it was is created by an Italian SEO guy and one of the best free keyword tool for getting lots of keyword suggestions. Though before I move ahead, like always here are few things for the first timer and new bloggers.

Why I Should use it ??

Keywords research is one of the essential and important elements of SEO and the whole process of Keyword research will help you to find profitable, and traffic is driving Keywords. And Ubersuggest stop Solution for your problem it will help you to do keyword research efficiently and saving time. Also it is a free tool that means that you don’t need to Spend a penny paying 100′s of dollar to other tools such as Ahref, SEMrush and similar stuff …

All About ubersuggest 1
uberSuggest a free SEO tool for all the bloggers

How to use Ubersuggest Keyword suggestion tool?

Go to Ubersuggest and in the query field enter your target query. Since I’m doing Keyword research for one of my WordPress blog, I will just put Keyword “top 10 programming languages” in the query field, select target country, and my target market.  Click on Search, and it will list down all the details about the keyword and also show some suggested keywords.

You can further click on any suggested Keyword to expand it to get more ideas and Keywords that make sense to you, simply hit the plus button, and it will add the Keyword in your list.

Now, its a high time go ahead and write posts based on Keywords extracted using this Free Keyword suggestion tool. Personally, from my side, I find Ubersuggest to be very useful for quick keyword ideas and doing my keyword research.

Especially, in This new SEO era, it’s quite easy to rank higher with a niche based Website, and Ubersuggest is certainly one of the best free SEO tool, which you should add to your daily blogging habits.

Also if you read the complete post you might be interested in checking out ubersuggest so here we go with the link to the site so, what are you waiting for go and try this free SEO tool named ubersuggest


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