fslroi 1


# Use fslroi to extract a specific volume from a 4D image. 

# The 1st numerical argument is the volume upon which to begin extraction. 
# Indexing starts with 0 not 1. 
# The 2nd numerical argument is the size (# volumes) to extract. 
# A size of -1 will retrieve the full image extent for that dimension. 
# The first file is input, the second file is output. 
# The following example takes img_fmri and retains the first 128 volumes 
# in the same file name.

fslroi img_fmri img_fmri 0 128

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. fslroi is the command
2. img_fmri is the input file
3. img_fmri is the output file
4. 0 is the starting volume
5. 128 is the number of volumes to extract

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