No package 'gcr-3' found 1

No package ‘gcr-3’ found

sudo apt update && sudo apt install libgcr-3-dev

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We’re importing the Gtk module, which is the module that contains all the functions and classes that we need to create a GUI.
2. We’re creating a class called MyWindow, which inherits from the Gtk.Window class.
3. We’re creating a function called __init__, which is a special function that is called when we create an object from our class.
4. We’re creating a Gtk.Label object, which is a widget that displays text.
5. We’re adding the label to the window.
6. We’re showing the label and the window.
7. We’re creating an object from our class.
8. We’re calling the Gtk.main() function, which runs the main loop of our application.

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