ubuntu find install path 1

ubuntu find install path

		ubuntu find install path 2


Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. The `ui5-shellbar` is the main component that is used to create the shellbar.
2. The `primary-title` and `secondary-title` are used to set the title of the shellbar.
3. The `show-notifications` is used to show the notifications icon.
4. The `notification-count` is used to set the number of notifications.
5. The `slot=”profile”` is used to set the profile image.
6. The `slot=”logo”` is used to set the logo image.
7. The `slot=”searchField”` is used to set the search field.

## Styling

The shellbar can be styled with CSS, using normal HTML elements with attributes (or [Web Components properties](https://sap.github.io/ui5-webcomponents/docs/concepts/Theming.html)).

### CSS variables

The following custom CSS properties are available for styling:

Custom property | Description | Default
`–ui5-shellbar-background-color` | Background color of the shellbar | `#fff`
`–ui5-shellbar-border-color` | Border color of the shellbar | `#d8d8d8`
`–ui5-shellbar-border-width` | Border width of the shellbar | `1px`
`–ui5-shellbar-border-style` | Border style of the shellbar | `solid`
`–ui5-shellbar-border-radius` | Border radius of the shellbar | `0`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-color` | Color of the title | `#32363a`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-font-family` | Font family of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-font-size` | Font size of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-font-weight` | Font weight of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-line-height` | Line height of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-letter-spacing` | Letter spacing of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-text-transform` | Text transform of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-text-align` | Text align of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-text-overflow` | Text overflow of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-white-space` | White space of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-overflow` | Overflow of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-display` | Display of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-opacity` | Opacity of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-padding-top` | Padding top of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-padding-bottom` | Padding bottom of the title | `inherit`
`–ui5-shellbar-title-padding-start` | Padding start of the title | `inherit`

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