psql initialization 1

psql initialization

psql -U postgres

# Postgres "psql not recognized as an internal or external command"

# Just an update because I was trying it on Windows 10 you do need to set the 
# path to the following: 
# ;C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\bin ;C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\lib

# You can do that either through the CMD by using set PATH [the path] or from my
# computer => properties => advanced system settings 
# => Environment Variables => System Variables

# Then search for path.

# Important: don't replace the PATHs that are already there just add one 
# beside them as follows 
# ;C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\bin ;C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\lib

# Please note: On windows 10, if you follow this: 
# computer => properties => advanced system settings 
# => Environment Variables => System Variables> select PATH, 
# you actually get the option to add new row. Click Edit, add 
# the /bin and /lib folder locations and save changes.

# Then close your command prompt if it's open and then start it again 
# try psql --version If it gives you an answer then you are good to go if 
# not try echo %PATH% and see if the path you set was added or not and if 
# it's added is it added correctly or not.

psql -U postgres
# enter your password and you are in

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. We are using the psql command to connect to the postgres database.
2. We are using the -U flag to specify the username.
3. We are using the postgres username.
4. We are prompted to enter the password for the postgres user.
5. We are connected to the postgres database.

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