Python Interview Questions

Python Interview Questions 1

Do you have an upcoming interview and are worried about what the questions might be? Do not worry! Here are some frequently asked interview questions along with their solutions. What is Python? Python is a high-level, general-purpose interpreted programming language widely used in different spheres of technical coding. What is meant by an interpreted programming … Read more

windows CMD commands

windows cmd commands

There are a wide range of windows cmd commands used in the cmd to perform various functions a small list of command prompt commands are listed below with the in detail description to each command and its usage you can go through them and check out each of the commands in detail. The table below … Read more

Total number of programming languages in the world.

total number of programmng languages in the world

Hey, Curious programmer well you might be planning to learn a new programming language and thinking about how many programming languages are there around you but you struggling to get an estimate so here are some of the shocking stats for you According to one article from Wikipedia, there are 700 programming languages (including esoteric … Read more