Total number of programming languages in the world.1 min read

Hey, Curious programmer well you might be planning to learn a new programming language and thinking about how many programming languages are there around you but you struggling to get an estimate so here are some of the shocking stats for you According to one article from Wikipedia, there are 700 programming languages (including esoteric coding languages). Also from other sources like a list from GitHub the list of notable languages consist of 256 programming languages and they are still counting up isn’t that amazing If you too are surprised by listening to such a number don’t forget to comment on your favorite programming language?

Also In this post, I am not recommending you a specific language over others Just telling you the big list of programming languages available in the world. I give no guarantees that the links for these languages are working. Also if I forgot to add any of the programming languages in this list.


Conclusion :

If you think there is a change in number of  language that should be added in the list of the total number of programming languages, please leave it in a comment along with a link with information about the language, preferably on Wikipedia or the actual language site. also, share and subscribe us for more news about programming

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2 years ago

I want to start with Python