if word contains space detects using jquery 1

if word contains space detects using jquery

What you have will find a space anywhere in the string, not just between words.

If you want to find any kind of whitespace, you can use this, which uses a regular expression:

if (/\s/.test(str)) {
    // It has any kind of whitespace

\s means "any whitespace character" (spaces, tabs, vertical tabs, formfeeds, line breaks, etc.), and will find that character anywhere in the string.

Here is what the above code is Doing:
1. /\s/ is a regular expression that means “any whitespace character”.
2. test() is a method of the regular expression object that returns true if the string contains any match to the regular expression.
3. So, /\s/.test(str) returns true if str contains any whitespace.

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